Picture 1: Bibiana, mixed technique – pencil, watercolor, tempera on paper, 15 x 20 cm, 2018

Image from the 2018 Little Fairies series.

The fairies from this series were inspired by old found photos.

The fairies in my paintings represent those who are interested in the fate of our planet and fight against its pollution, love art, are not indifferent to human rights and suffering, and fight to eliminate injustice in all its forms. They are empathetic creatures that are not only in fairy tales, but also in the real world.

They are teachers who teach children to love all living things, scientists uncovering the secrets of nature, activists fighting for human rights and risking everything, musicians spreading joy and energy and many others, known and anonymous, all who contribute to the transformation of our society into a more tolerant and democratic one, more colorful and safer for all.

Picture 2: Little Fairies series, 21 images created using a mixed technique – pencil, watercolor and tempera on paper, 15 x 20 cm, 2018

Picture 3: Pictures in frames