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Concern, fear, regret, panic, sense of belonging, prudence, need for help, warning, indifference, loneliness, separation, helplessness, loss, grief, reconciliation…righteous anger, lack of compassion, justified and absurd protests, injustice and selfless help , and finally, apathy from the constant barrage of bad news, and joy from a few good ones.

Conspiraces motivated by the desire to control and greed, chasing political points at the cost of endangering lives.

The cocktail of emotions that the pandemic brings with it has a bitter – sour taste, and we had the opportunity to taste most of them.

By covering our faces, the focus of non-verbal communication shifts to the hands. I chose a symbolist approach and drew humanity as a big tree. Hands grow out of it and show emotions with various gestures.

The painting was created using charcoal and graphite pencils on a quality canvas stretched on an internal frame measuring 100 x 70 cm. It is also painted from the sides without the need (but with the possibility) of framing.

The frames on the photos are illustrative. If you want to have the picture framed, leave a note in the order and we will choose a suitable frame together.

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