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Art creation is love, magic, and addiction. Fight, joy, doubts.

I am most attracted to eyes. I dive into them, I look through them, behind them, I swim in them like in a lake.

By connecting with ours, they create a gateway between universes. Between our space, which we consider real, and the others, mysteriouses, parallel, unpredictable.

However, sometimes I also paint pictures about the real world, when something in it bothers me or makes me happy.

I want to paint these the most. Welcome to my worlds

Fairies in Town

Fairies in Town, a series of six oil paintings on canvas, 60 x 80 cm, 2018

The fairies with butterfly wings, delicate and gentle, are found in my paintings in the lead roles. The disturbing feeling that evokes the sight of cold and uncomfortable cities without the greenery, surrounding these fragile beings whispers to us that something as if it were not as it should be. Something is missing. Peaceful forest, raindrops on ferns, meadows full of fragrant flowers, there are none. Only fairies who are cold.

What would a world be without nature if we eradicate her, selfishly, ruthlessly?

Let’s stop and think. Let’s start with ourselves.

It’s still not too late. The expression of hope is the greenery, which grows in every next image.

Vintage Fairies

007 – kópia
004 – kópia
008 – kópia
005 – kópia
009 – kópia
006 – kópia
Vintage Fairies, selection from a series of 21 colored drawings, 10 x 15 cm, mixed technique (pencil, watercolor, tempera) on watercolor paper, 2018

Fairies again? Maybe I’m obsessed with them :)

However, the story of these pictures is different. Portraits from a century ago, tender, sad faces from anonymous black-and-white photographs, fascinated me with their strange expression and made me think about their lives.

Which of them could decide freely? To vote? Stand up for own dreams? And how is it today?

However, I painted them wings. They can just spread them out and fly. Never let no one discriminated you just because you are a woman. The woman does not belong in the kitchen. And misogynism does not belong to our century.

Andersen´s Fairy Tales

unti 002
unti 003
unti 004
unti 005
unti 006
Andersen’s Fairy Tales, oil paintings on canvas of various sizes, details, 2018 – present, unfinished series. Based on fairy tales: Elder mother, Little Mermaid, Tinderbox, Thumbelina and Beauty and the Beast.

Andersen’s fairy tales fascinate me with their surrealism. Flying dogs with eyes as big as tea cups, mermaids with fish swimming between their hair, dryads living in the crowns of the elder trees and overseeing the lives of their protégés.

As I read them, color images dance in my head.

From the beginning of my work, I have liked to be carried away by the ideas of landscapes behind mirrors, of fairies dancing in the morning dew, of the world of princesses, spells and days, which are transformed into a beautiful carriage by waving a wand.

However, this is not an escape. We can take a lot of this into our lives from fairy tales. When we think positively and believe in happy endings, we will overcome difficult times more easily and we will look at failures as lessons.

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Zuzana Dolinay

Zuzana Dolinay

I am a Slovak visual artist and I have been creating freelance since 2011. I mainly create paintings and drawings inspired by fairy tales and myths, which I sometimes connect with the real world. I write mainly about fine arts and design. View more >>

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