Golden pencil

Zlatá pastelka/Golden pencil is a Facebook group for artists and friends of visual arts in all its forms, which I founded in 2017.

It has a little over 1000 members, so it is rather a smaller group, but it also has its advantages, the atmosphere is great, the artists are enthusiastic, they advise and encourage each other, which is very important. We also have competitions for interesting prizes :)

Encouragement and constructive criticism are the ingredients that will make you want to work on yourself and know what to focus on.

The community in art internet groups has been forming for years, and artists are often members of several of them and know each other, at least “by sight” :)

Long before Facebook, there were sites like Amatérska obrazárna and (which is still active) where enthusiasts met and consulted and discussed with each other, and many of these authors then continued in groups on Facebook.

I came across these two sites when I was just starting to paint and I received so much support and valuable advice there that thanks to them I persevered and didn’t give up when I didn’t succeed :)

Criticism was given in such a way that one had the desire to create and learn further.

If you create or are interested in art, I would be happy if you join us :) And a big thank you to all of you who contribute and participate in the discussions, you are great <3

I wish you a beautiful day full of inspiration :)

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Zuzana Dolinay

Zuzana Dolinay

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