Untitled 2

Picture 1: Untitled 2, oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm, 2022

The second painting from the Untitled series, in which I tried to use a exgerration to point out that the fight for women’s rights, although it was very successful in many areas, is not finished.

Women still encounter underestimation based on gender, injustice, double standard and second shift – after arriving from paid employment, they still perform domestic (so-called women’s) work until late in the evening.

Gender stereotypes regarding housework are passed down from generation to generation, not only by men, but also by women. However, the total amount of work (paid and unpaid) should be distributed between the partners fairly.

There are still patriarchy men who consider housework feminine and inferior to them and refuse to participate in it.

However, this issue is not black and white and there are no universal answers.

There are men who have such a demanding job that when they come home they are exhausted and need to rest, but they do not look at household chores as inferior to them and participate in them, although to a lesser extent. It is true here that the partners should participate fairly in the volume of the total work, and if this condition is met and neither partner feels that it would be otherwise, it is fine.

However, there are also women whose excessive amount of housework can signal psychological problems, or the manipulation of feelings of guilt (see what I do for you). However, there are also women who clean the rows, and then it’s okay.

However, in my image I am referring to the first group of typically patriarchal men who feel superior based on their gender and this issue is still not resolved in society. Even for the women themselves, who are affected by this situation, it is not easy to admit that this is not okay, especially if they and their partners come from families in which gender stereotypes were strongly rooted. However, the discussion is necessary, because in some cases it is not possible to manage the situation in the long term without damage to health, physical or psychological, or without affecting the upbringing of children.

View of the installation of the Untitled series, Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, 2022