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Fairytale painting


Painting is inspired by a wonderful fairy tale by Selma Lagerlöf about a Swedish unruly boy Nils Holgersson. Due to his mischiefs He was reduced by dwarf to the size of a thumb. Nils wandered with a flock of wild geese through the countryside with the aim of reaching Lapland.

In my imagination is this painting hanging in a children’s room, where it would inspire a child with an adventurous spirit to dream about future adventures, or a little mischievous, or imaginative siblings who like to invent and tell their own stories…

The painting is intended for both children and adult children, but especially for knockers – the blue sky has a calming effect :D

Since the figure in the picture is tiny, it is also suitable for the living room, bedroom or hall. A flock of wild birds symbolizes freedom and adventure and may inspire you to create new experiences, greater spontaneity or an impulsive trip :)

It was painted with oil paints on a 121 x 61 cm canvas and stretched on an internal, honestly handmade wooden frame, without the need (but with the option) of additional framing. It is lightweight and ready to hang.

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