Fairytale painting

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The painting is inspired by the wonderful old Yugoslav fairy tale The Golden Apple Tree and the Nine Peacocks.

Another, the second painting based on this fairy tale, shows the tsarevich who refused to accept fate and decided to overcome all the obstacles that stand in his way.

One day he came across a fox that was caught in a trap. Since he had a good heart, he helped her and received a hair from her fur as a reward. When he would needs help, all he has to do is rub this fur.

Among the tests that the tsarevich had to pass was guarding a mare and a foal. However, they turned into foxes at night and hid in the fox pack. As you may have guessed correctly, he remembered his friend and she helped him.

And he was one step closer to meeting his sweetheart.

The picture is painted with oil paints on canvas size 80.5 x 55.5 cm and stretched on an internal, honestly handmade wooden frame, without the need (but with the option) of additional framing. It was painted using a layered technique. It is lightweight and ready to hang.

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