On the golden apple tree


Fairytale painting


The painting is inspired by the wonderful old Yugoslav fairy tale The Golden Apple Tree and the Nine Peacocks.

It’s a story about true love and the fact that it’s worth overcoming all obstacles, and believe me, there really were many in this fairy tale. But as usual, luckily it all turned out well.

The image capture a peacock on an apple tree. But not on an ordinary one, but on a miraculous, golden one, which in one night not only blossomed, but also bore golden apples.

An apple tree grew under the Tsar’s castle, but at night someone always managed to pick these apples. Tsar wantet to know how things really were, and sent his sons to guard an apple tree. Neither the eldest nor the middle son found out anything because they fell asleep, but the youngest found out that nine peacocks fly to the apple tree every night, they pick the apples and carry them away. One of the peacocks turned into a beautiful girl, he and the Tsarevich fell in love and met under the golden apple tree every night. In the morning, the girl always left two apples for the Tsarevič – one for him and the other for the tsar. But the brothers, out of jealousy, thwarted this young love. Their talk was overheard by an old woman who offered to hide under the Tsarevich’s bed at night and cut off the girl’s braid.

So it happened, and it seemed that all would be lost. The peacocks did not come again. Well, Tsarevich set out to find his beloved, and it was indeed a long and daring adventure…but more on that another time :)

Painting was painted with oil paints on a 90 x 50,5 cm canvas and stretched on an internal, handmade wooden frame, without the need (but with the option) of additional framing. It is lightweight and ready to hang.

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